Holiday Celebrations

Sorry for the non-updates. I have been playing everyday since fri. The amount of food consumed should be my fortnightly intake.

Ok,first up was my aunt’s birthday celebration. We got her a small cake as a surprise in addition to the present we bought. Little did we know, she also brought a small cake. So in the end, we had 2 small cakes to share among 6 pple. Burp. The KTV session was fun. I was screeching all the way. Ha, I murdered all the songs.

That was friday.

On sat, I had Louisa’s birthday. Mr Fag and Baby are really bad at directions despite being guys. They made me walk 2.4 km uphill and downhill to find the condo. bah. In 6-7 cm heels no less. Hate. Louisa’s buffet was quite good. So we hammered the prawns and the rest of the food. And it was talk cock session with her other friends whom we also knew. I was bitching about some of our school people to Mel and how some of them would want purposely take pictures with beautiful people just to show their popularity. At that point of time, BD reached over and tell me. ” Don’t worry, it’s ok to be ugly.” Grrrrrrrrr

On sunday, it was two birthday celebrations and the countdown. First was KL’s birthday. ZJ and I celebrated with her together with her sec school friends. She was glad we made it even though we are the minority. And we decided to go sing ktv this weekend! It has been a long time since we met her. Studies really suck all the time away.

After which in the evening was Cal’s birthday from the taitai gang. She had a date that day and we were interrogating her abt that guy. Whahaha. Then Mr Gay made a bouquet for her with a pacifier in the middle and mittens. So cute. Cause Cal is supposed to have alot of babies according to our JC days. We had it at tao’s-> my fave restaurant. Heh. We made the manager give Cal the bouquet and the blur her managed to stub the candle off with her arm. Then the rest of us split up for our individual count down programs.

i went countdown with my aunt. The countdown shall have another entry of its own.

Fastforward to yesterday, I went clubbing with Sl and BY at MOS. The music really sucks. I never wanted to eat supper so much in my life. We went off at 1 am cause Sl wanted to stay longer. The supper session was even more enjoyable. St james would have been more fun even though it’s gay night.

Ok, today! Miss Elegant is going off to france. Shall send her off later at an ungodly hour at 2 plus am. And got to work the next day. See how nice we are to you?

Ok, work tmr. The thought of it sucks. Everybody around me is hating work.