finally a rest day

Life has been a terrible rush. Time just flies by and I haven’t updated for like 5 days.

I worked OT on sat. What’s new? I managed to clock in 24 hours of OT last week. But that came at a price. After the depressing thurs in what I trudged home alone with the thunderstorm welting its anger at me, I had the flu (or cold) on fri. The flu (or cold) stayed on till today and I decided that I need to rest at home. Fuck the work. I think for the next 3 remaining days, my life is going to be hell so I better rest well before going to war.

On fri, I met up with GW, jerry and will and their gfs to eat at all the good places in geylang. The standards at geylang are dropping and I am not referring to the food. Will was mean and said something to the effect of “so ugly also can be meh?” It’s not the looks but the dress sense as well. Anyway moving on the food, we had claypot rice, fried hokkien noodles, satay and rojak. The food was really good although my nose was slightly blocked and I couldn’t really enjoy. And the guys started to talk abt insurance, trading, stocks and the money talks. I started to look really bored cause although I understand, I was really tired after work to use some brain cells. Their gfs were bored too. Guys!

On sat after OT, I went off to meet the others to celebrate Jess’s birthday. On a whim, lh and I decided to cut our hair at Icon. Not bad for 33.60. I ended up with a super chic and short hair do. Cutting hair is super addicted. Once you start, you can’t stop. I better stop cutting cause I have chopped off almost 30 cm off my hair. I shall post the pic when I get it.

Then we got to Jess’ house for steamboat, satay,stingray. Alot of food as usual. After which we played charades. As usual, Mr Fag and I have amazing chemistry and when I am acting, he is able to guess alot of it.

I got to act out “nip in the bud”.

So I pointed at Mr Fag’s nipple. Hahahhaha. And then someone guessed nipple. Then I showed the action that I wanted a shorter version of the word and it became nip. And they guessed it. LOL

Sunday was tuition day. No wonder I am so burned out. It was like working 7 days a week. I went shopping with my younger sis after that. We went to look at all the latest trends in town right down to get an inkling of what to sell at our shop. U2 has really cheap stuff. I wanted to get this pullover but decided not to as I have no occasion to wear.

And today I got an MC. But i got tons to do. Eg write cover letter, do the work I was supposed to do last week for work. Its hard to bring home work to do when I got to sleep after eating the drowsy medicine.

Its time to rest. Stay happy cause I am trying to.