Decent update

I owe a decent update. Since I am home early (yes 10 pm is considered early. Sob sob), I shall blog properly.

Let me intro this character, Mr Chimmey cause he is someone who can talk alot of rubbish to smoke you. Unfortunately this character is someone from my client’s hq and someone who is of quite a high position. This guy was asking for my email and since i am just an intern, I do not have one. So I told him I just joined my company. Upon which he started to ask whether I am fresh from college. Heh. I told him no. And I am not lying. Cause I graduated from jc donkey years ago and I am still in uni.

Since we are stuck in the same room together (my senior went back to office leaving me alone at the client’s place), he talked to me. Quite abit. First he asked me how I would interpret the phrase ” a man with a darkened heart”. I was thinking along the line of depression since I am almost in that state. Then apparently it was about evil people who worshipped “other things as God”. Warning bells rang. After a while, he asked whether I was a buddhist.

Fuck you. I don’t even know you well. Don’t talk religion with me. I hate people who starts to promote their religion to me in subtle or obvious ways. Religion is a freedom of choice and you don’t have to influence me in whatever I believe in especially if I barely know you. Cheebye.

Since I am still an intern, I am not trained in quite alot of things yet. The client wanted me to review some things which only my mentor knows how to. But since she wasn’t there, I was told to review. 🙁 I have to teh my way through like a mamasan trying to pacify their client whose favourite girl is unavailable. Luckily uncles love me very much and I am always demure in front of them. But I digress, once I was eating at a coffeeshop during lunch with my colleagues and a lady was calling me. Reason? I opened my legs too big and she told me to close them.

So today is another hateful day. It is tuesday already. The week really flies. And I managed to read a book. ha

Ok Book review time. The Breethem by John Grisham about these 3 judges who set up a scam. They are all in jail for crimes and hence they used to be lawyer/judges, they will help their peers to reduce their sentence or appeal their cases for a fee. Or to settle disputes within the prision whereby inmates sue each other. This helped them to earn some money. But the scam was the money-spinner. Basically they advertise in gay magazines as a young 20+ man looking to know nice 40-50 years old gentlemen. They are all straight btw. So they will write lovey dovey letters to their penpals and they will screen to find the rich ones. Since these rich closet gays with wives have a great secret to keep, they will pay off the 3 judges to prevent their letters from being splashed in their little towns. Their scam worked quite well since they managed to get 200 k from 2 men. And they managed to hook this presidential candidate who is the front-runner for the elections. Needless to say, they managed to extort 6 million. The CIA was involved. Super interesting.

I needed to return the book today so I spent lunch reading it while drinking coffee and eating a cake.

PS:Today’s taxidriver is quite reckless. He horned more than 10 times throughout the whole journey. Piang.