Dear Abby

To warm her up, I tell Marla about the woman in Dear Abby who married a handsome successful mortician and on their wedding night, he made her soak in a tub of ice water until her skin was freezing to the touch, and then he made her be in bed completely still while he had intercourse with her cold inert body.

The funny thing is this woman had done this as a newlywed, and gone on to do it for the next ten years of marriage and now she was writing to Dear Abby to ask if Abby thought it meant something.

I haven’t been writing. I have been doing plenty of reading though, like Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club but that’s an entirely different matter.

But for now, I’ve to focus. This semester was horrible, Next semester will be awesome. I know. So ya, FOCUS.

And no, I’ve never ever watched a single episode of Naruto.