Update on my miserable situation Yesterday

I was feeling upset in the morning. My colleague has not turned up and I thought I will be alone in the office the whole day. With no money for lunch.

I saw I have a message from my dad telling me not to be upset and have a good day at work. Cause I looked really upset when I left the house telling him that I missed my friend’s flight. And then I called a while later, really distressed that I forgot my wallet.

Then I rushed to the toilet where I cried. The pent-up emotions all day proved too much for me. Oh shit, I am crying now as I am typing this. At the client’s place somemore.

And then I realized that I forgot to bring my laptop’s adaptor. I might as well not work today. I forgot so many things. But the amount of work is staggering. I know I am just an intern, but I feel bad that my senior has to do so much work alone when I am off to another assignment next week. I don’t think I am cut out for this job. I feel so miserable everyday, I thought it’s really uncommon. And then I asked my other colleague who has worked for 6 months and I realized that she feels very miserable also everyday. Misery strives in company. Somehow I feel better that someone feels the same way as me.

During lunch, my dad called to check that I have food to eat.

Now I am alone at my client’s place. No colleagues with me today  I feel like doing some OT to clear more work, but I think I better go home and rest and do the rest of the work tomorrow. I will be OT-ing on Saturday. Life sucks these days.

I am really thinking whether I am cut-out for this line. My colleague told me I am ok. But I don’t think so. But hearing her says so, gives me more assurance. Assurance is really what I need at this moment.

But we must think of the bright side at all times. I am glad for this internship as I get to experience all the different cultures across companies. I get to eat at different places ( though not a lot). And I get to finally love school.

Oh ya, now I am working in the red light district area (not geylang). Apparently red light districts are divided by nationalities. The one I am at is populated by Vietnamese. There is even a coffeeshop selling Vietnamese food to cater to them. I didn’t realize this until yesterday night, when I went out at 8pm to buy some dinner for my colleagues (yes, we worked till that late), and saw scantily dressed women everywhere. Didn’t know I work in such a happening place. In the morning, everything seems normal.

I can finally leave early today at 7pm today. FINALLY.