Business talks

I couldn’t stop laughing when my friend was helping me to sell a sphagetti top to a butch who was looking at it.

She said ” You can try it if you want”

Butch ” It is not for me” (eyebrows raised super high)

Wah piangggggg!!!!

Then we bought some clothes which was a little baggy so we had to use a plus sized model -> me

My sister told my dad about it and my dad said that they shouldn’t use me since I was not fat but short. 1.65 m very short meh?

In the end, I only had to try a dress which turned out ugly cause it was ugly to begin with. And don’t get me started on why we bought an ugly dress. So now I can put in my resume that I was once a model-> even if it is for one dress.

Business is picking up and yay, that’s great news