About New Year’s countdown

My aunt’s family and I decided to be part of the 170,000 pple at esplanade to see the fireworks. It would be the last countdown for many years to come.

If you are the couple who got scolded by the crowd because the husband is standing on an elevated bench while the rest of us are sitting down, don’t be so indignant that you got scolded cause you deserve to get scolded for being so selfish. To the extent of fighting for half a seat with a 5 years old girl, you deserve to have your digital camera trampled on.

If you are the hotel recipients who poured water on the crowd, nabeh cheebye.

If you belong to 20-30% of the crowd who are foreign workers, I have never seen such wild joyful dancing and shouting for the new year. Of course there are some bad hats as usual who rushed to the front and pushed others away. Oh if you are scolded by a fierce lady (ahem, fierce only for a while), then you must be the one who grabbed the lady in front in your haste to watch the fireworks.

If you are the throngs of crowd who took 1 hr to get from esplanade to raffles city, I was among your midst pushing away.

If you are the plants which got trampled to death by the insane number of humans, I say some prayers to you and hope that resurrection is possible.

If you are the air molecules between raffles city and esplanade, I am sorry for contributing to the air pollution of sweaty smelly bodies

If you are the barricades preventing the crowd from crossing the roads from Esplanade to Marina, I hate you cause I took always half an hour to cross that pathetic stretch of road. Crossing roads never took so long.

If you are the security or police on duty that day, I salute you. A claustrophobic person like me can never do crowd control.

If you are the drivers at Raffles City Carpark, we all think alike and hence parked at a wrong place. It took us almost an hour to get out of the carpark due to the insane number of cars driving off.

If you are the fireworks on display, you are so beautiful. It was worth the earlier madness to get a good spot. The madness after the fireworks was another scenario altogether.
If you are the road divider whom I not-so-demurely climbed over, rest assure that I never climbed a road divider in my life before. I was pushing along in the crowd when I suddenly realized why the crowd took so long to move. There was a road divider to climb. Luckily it was a small one and lucky I didn’t wear any skirt although I regret the high heels immediately. I promised to be demure from now on.