I need to work now………. Got things to hand in tomorrow. Bah. 3 more weeks and I am officially finished. There are so many things I want to write in depth about but I guess I shall do a summary. My summarizing skills are superb. heh

1) went on sat to find suppliers for my business. KNN. Don’t ever believe hongkong high fashion shit. I went to 2 different stores with the tag, Hong Kong high fashion and all i saw was Hongkong no fashion or Auntie fashion. Wasted my time to travel around Singapore. KNN

2) I give good luck to taxi drivers. Always there is a customer straight after me when I get down.

3) I take cab home everyday.

4) I am stressed up to the fact that I cried again. But all’s well now.

5) I hate my work-> what’s new? I will blog about what I do as an intern after my internship

6) 26 bucks left in my account.

7) I worked until 330 am yesterday. ANd I was the one pushing my senior to stay up so late at the office.

8) sat and sun looks like its reserved for work

I was daydreaming one day and I realised that v day is approaching and I no longer feel sad that I will be single that day. You see, last year I was quite depressed that I will be alone for Vday until I realised with horror, that I have to spent the day studying for a quiz. This year I will be working and somehow the thought of being lonely is not that depressing anymore. yah, cause there are other things to be depressed about.

I shall go do my work now. Hate.