The Holiday

Went to teach my new tuition kid yesterday. Not too bad. She was friendly.

Then went out with my younger sis to catch the Holiday. Our favourite. Chick flick! Then we discovered that we have something in common. We both hate to munch on things during the movie cause it is too distracting. We only eat our tidbits before the movie.

I love kate winslet’s character. She is so sweet and nice!. Kate is more like me. Cameron is such a tough cookie. I wish I can say I can’t cry.

After the movie, it was time for SHOPPING. My sister is really quite clever ah. I tried an L and it was too big for me, so I told her to get me one size smaller and she returned with an S. I came out of the changing room and she remarked “eh, too small for you.” Of course lah, you give me the wrong shirt size.

Too bad I didn’t get any shoes.

Then on a whim, we got a xmas log cake to eat. Ha! Even though we have no party. Just buy to eat for fun and for our parent’s 25th aniversary. Breadtalk got 25% discount for OCBC card holders.

Later I will be heading out to tuition on xmas eve (sob sob) and then for another movie, Night at the Museum. Watching movies with young children very jia lat. They can’t watch my RA shows and they don’t like chick flicks. They only want cartoons which I hate. Luckily we managed to compromise.