not so good day

As expected, I got critisized for my manicure. Bah. I thought I was supposed to report between 10-1030 and was smsing my friend when she told me we were supposed to report at 930-10am. Omg, I was still at my house mrt’s station at 930 am which is half an hour away. Luckily I managed to grab a cab the moment I ran across the road.

And then I got back my assignment and realised I spelt my school name wrongly. I spelt it into another word and it means totally something else. It was so funny I was cracking up hysterically. Omg, what a fluff I am.

And now i am backing up my stuff just in case I want it. Sucks to be in school during my hols. Shit, back up maybe takes 1 hr. Omg, hate!!!!!!

And I want to watch james bond soon.