No xmas cheer

Blogged on Thursday
Miss Pooh and I are miserable in our internship. Although we are in the same company, we have been assigned to different clients. It’s not the colleagues that suck but the work more so. I was so pek cek I wanted to throw down all the files and walk out of the room. I think I went through more than 50 thick files already within a few days. I have been doing OT since the 2nd day of OT and the hours somehow follow a trend of increasing 1 working hour per day. It has been 13 hrs on tues and I was almost faint from hunger.

There is no wireless for me to tap to go on msn(ha!) hence its 100% pure work with no rest. I am giving myself 2 more months to get used to it. The taxi fare every night is crazy.At least 20 bucks each night and although I get reimbursed, it is only at the end of the month. So far I can forsee 100 bucks of taxi cab fare this week. Did I mention my internship pay is only 650? Luckily I have tuition or I will face a real cashflow problem.

Luckily I was released at 730 pm today and have to bring some work home to do ( which is able to be completed within half an hour). As I thought I will be OT-ing for a long time, I did not check out the route to go home from the client’s place (thought cab again). Bah. In the end, I have to go figure out how to go home. Journey took 1 hr plus. Pfft.

I really feel like a scatterbrain while doing this internship. Maybe this is just the beginning but I have made mistakes which I have to take some time to correct. Haiz.

Counting down. 2 more months to go.

Bah. OT until 10 pm. Cab Driver guessed my job correctly. Tmr is Half day but I will be working as usual. Hopefully I can end by 6 pm. Hope.