msn hate

sometimes I really dislike going on msn. I should really filter the people on my list into those whom I want to speak to and those whom I am free to speak to, and then log into 2 different accounts depending on my mood.

Case in point yesterday, Miss Pooh’s tuition kid looked for me and instructed me to get primary school chinese textbooks and workbooks and sent it to thailand by saturday. Which means I fucking got to buy it and send it today. Miss Pooh, you come online more often so I don’t have to entertain your tuition kids.

Which was why my intuition was ringing and I suspected some bad things will happen and I was slow to change my status to offline. Grrrrrrrrr

Anyway yesterday was my first free day. Went for lunch with my excolleagues. I saw LAB(lao ah beng) and ABU ( abit unfriendly). I got my xmas present of victoria secrets. 😀 ABU was asking me whether I went there to see him. Piece of ego.

After slacking some more back at the office and getting the updates or gossips of the colleagues, I cancelled my original plan of tuition and made my way to school to collect my laptop. Service is really good. He told me I needed to wait for 5 working days but since I need my laptop for my internship, the guy rushed down to the main centre and get my required parts. Time to write a complimentary letter. IT guys are usually not appreciated.

That sort of summed up my day which somehow ended with a spinning headache.

And today I shall clear my messy room.