Movie Review: Casino Royale

Lazy movie reviewer day

My very first visit to Vivocity (supposedly the largest shopping mall in Singapore?). The place is totally packed, everyone’s bumping into each other and all. Especially all the short and plump aunties. To think I almost bumped into one of their kind! Phew.

Eva Green, Daniel Craig, Caterina Murino above. Apparently the first James Bond novel written by Ian Fleming in 1953, and Daniel Craig as the latest James Bond.

I only started watching James Bond from the ‘Pierce Brosnan era’ so watching this was a totally different experience for me. The movie was pretty entertaining and should satisfy the regular movie-goers (like me) but there were two things that kinda bothered me; Q and his gadgets are nowhere to be found and the James Bond car is just that, a car.

Besides this two things, the film’s pretty awesome.

The above passages may contain spoilers.

Rating: 4/5