It’s 4 birthdays and a New Year

I got to celebrate 4 birthdays in a row. Starting from today all the way to sunday.

My bank account is double digit. Yes, it’s possible. I thought my pay is supposed to bank in on 26th but apparently not.

I had a super expensive dinner at Scarlett hotel. 60 bucks for dinner. Shall post more pics up but it was fun talking to the girls. Sometimes, I just feel abit odd being with them cause they got more common friends than I. Maybe I am just paranoid cause they are always very nice to me. Oh yah, they think I should be Samantha from Sex in the city. Wahahhaa

My client this week is super nice. Next week I am bad to a lousy client. Shit man. Poor Miss Pooh have to work till morning. Luckily I don’t have to OT so much. She sounds so miserable and her bf is in town now and she can’t go out with him. Jia you chou Pooh.

I am supposed to take the few hours I have before I head out of the house to listen to some chinese songs and learn to sing. I can speak chinese very well but my reading sucks. i can’t read chinese words in ktv so I usually have to practise before heading for a ktv session. So normally someone needs to read the chinese words before each line before I can sing. My only defense is that it is the traditional chinese words and not the simplified one.

Ok, off to practise before ktv session later. My aunt’s birthday. ha. So cool to have it at a ktv.