I hate my client.

Blogged on Friday
Looks like I can go home early. I am so fucking pissed with my client’s employee. Bitch. I told her to show me some entries on their computer system and she told me to check it on the paper source. I mean, I know I can check there but I need to know that there has been no tampering of the paper source which is why I need to check the computer system. And she flared up at me. She typed the entries on the computer system loudly and made a lot of tsk tsk sound. I feel like slapping her till her head turned 360 degrees. Please, I only took like 5 minutes of her time and she made it seemed as though I wasted 1 hr of her precious time. Nabeh cheebye. And she made a note to complain to her management I presume. Whatever, I am just doing my job. I hate my client. I am going to boycott their products. They have super stuckup and unhelpful staff.

I can’t wait to go back home asap since I am feeling furious right now. GRRRRRRR.

Update: We just had a run-in with our client. It was so awful.

Now I will just blog at work and save my entries. I need to vent my anger on an inanimate object before I blow my top. Then when I got the time, I will post it here.