How to pass your Class 3 Driving Practical Test?

Michael Schumacher

So you’ve endured the 30+ pointless number of lessons, driving instructors with severe case of PMS and an excruciating 3 months wait for a (2 hour?) driving practical test. Now the test’s tomorrow, you just finished your last revision lesson, you feel ready? Or are you?

Here are a couple of tips I thought that might be useful;

  1. You know you can drive, in fact you drive so well, even Michael Schumacher comes all the way over just to see you drive.

    But for some reason, when it comes to the actual driving test, you feel totally helpless, you wish you were at the neighbour Zone-X playing Daytona and somehow it feels impossible to calm yourself down.

    The thing is, the more panicky you are, the more likely you are to actually commit a mistake. Tell yourself to relax, focus on your driving and remain calm. Follow the tester’s instructions but don’t mind his head shaking and what’s not. You’ll do fine.

  2. The attire. Nothing says more than wearing a Pikachu singlet and slippers. Picture this;

    Goth Nerd

Who do you think will have a higher chance of passing his driving practical test?

Addendum: Okay, none of the tips work. I fucking flunked it. Totally. KNNCCB.