how to lose your customers?

Blogged on Tuesday 12/26/06
Xmas day was spent with the tai tai gang. I got 2 bags ( to add to my collection) and accessories from them. As usual, we went shopping for their birthday presents and stocked up on more gossip about our ex classmates. Cheryl and I bumped into someone from our primary school. Weird thing was that I saw him and looked quite thoroughly at him but had no idea who he is. Until Cheryl pointed out. Wah, he still remember me even though I put on so much weight.

Our shopping ended on a real bad note when we were at one accessories shop at City Link (whose name is a number). My friend put back the shades she was trying and as the stand was not secure enough, the shades dropped off and broke. Ok, we were made to pay for the shades. No big deal except the sale girls were giving us bad attitude. So we decided to pay and call the manager to get a refund. Instead of them calling to check for us whether we have to pay. Fine. They told us it’s company policy that spoilt objects have to be paid. I called up the manager who was not in Singapore and was told that I did not have to pay for it. Wow. So the girls did not know the company’s policy and claimed to know. And what if the customer did not pursue the matter?

The girl even had the cheek to tell us to use the sunglasses when we asked her what we can do with the damaged item.

When we returned for the refund, we told them that they should have checked for us before insisting that we have to pay. The girl replied “we are already giving you back the refund. Why are you still giving us attitude?”

Wow, the service level leaves much to be desired.

When my friend asked for her name, she gave us her name and in turn asked for ours. WTF. I have never ever heard of such things before.

There were 2 of them in the shop. 1 of them was damn rude ( the one who wanted our name), the other one was alright. So I turned to the other one and praised her for how she handled the situation. And guess what she said?

A smart lass would have said thank you. But no, she went on to say that my friend had a bad attitude. I really don’t know how to react. Cheryl was so pissed, she raised her voice and told them off. Cheryl is the demure type until provoked.

So now the accessories shop is taken care of by 2 ah lians with super bad service standard and bad PR. Maybe they are young. But I was simply appalled at the attitude I was given. Even if the customers sucked, you should have endured and just bitched about them when they leave.

They didn’t even know the company’s policy and kept insisting that we have to pay cause “it’s the company’s policy.”

Well, the manager I called gave me good service recovery. As for the salesgirls with the attitudes, they just spoilt all the customer service recovery the manager had done. Basically I am going to boycott them and ensure that none of my friends stepped into the shop again.

They may be just temporary staff there but they sure had limited my and my friend’s spending over at the shop. So choose your temp staff correctly.