Friday 22dec seems like xmas eve

With the long holidays, friday seemed like xmas eve. I am able to knock off early for once (early means 630 even though my working hours end at 530. cheebye) With the uber bad mood for the whole week, I decided to go out instead of moping at home over prison break. Hence, I asked Mr Fag out over one of the random outings we always have.

We decided to head to The Village to eat. I saw the monstrous queues and wanted to go off to some other place to eat when his tall head spotted our two juniors, andy and marcus. Alone. heh. No, they are not gay. In the end, we ate together and spent the whole night together chilling out. Randomness is good hur? We went Starbucks and talk alot of cock. Andy and Marcus are amazed at the profanities Mr Fag and I sprout. Anymore, we will be growing beansprouts (oh my dearest sebastian in jack and the beansprout!).

The conversation will go something like this

Marcus did something to irritate Mr Fag accidentally.
Mr Fag : Dua lanjian.
Andy: Eh good leh, Marcus he is praising you.

Then I said something which Mr Fag responded to (can’t remember)
Mr Fag: cheebye
Mrs Lim: I have.
Andy: (omg, I want to get away from them!)

Then Mr Fag decided that I have a dua cheebye which I told him I don’t.
Then he went along chao cheebye to scold me. Which I told him I don’t have. Wahhaha

And Mr Fag said something to irritate me, in which my middle finger had a reflex and was pointing in his direction.
Mrs Lim: fuck you
Mr Fag: come lah.
Andy and Marcus: !!!!!!!!!!


Then I came home and saw a package for me! I got a xmas parcel from my ex colleagues! Omg, I was just thinking of them while suffering during my present internship and they gave me a parcel!!! Couriered to my house somemore. And inside was a SAMSOOn Pig. Omg, they remembered. I put it as my msn pic that I wanted a samsoon pig couple of months ago and they really bought for me. Since samsoon pig is white and prone to being dirty, I have to keep it in my cupboard. My sister was staring at me in puzzlement, when I put Samsoon pig in my cupboard and said “Move over Koala” pushing Koala aside to put Samsoon pig in the middle. heh.

That’s a real sweet surprise and I was like a kid tearing open the box to see what is inside.