field report on bangkok trip

I tried a hell lot more things this trip compared to the one in July.

I tried
1) tuk tuk
2) lots of road side food
3) manicure ( I am so going to get marked down for my etiquette course tomorrow cause of the nails)

Day 1 sat
Arrived in bangkok at night. Our first visit to the new airport. There was a bus to ferry us from the airplane to the arrival hall. My sis, mother and I were famished. Hence we decided to eat at this road side store near our hotel. Their tom yam soup was fantastic. The only one we drank. Their fried rice was good too. One of the many fried rice we ate which added inches to our waists. Our initial plans to go suan lam market was called off cause we were too tired. I had 2 tuition the whole day while my sis had a test.

Day 2 sun
Woke up super early as the morning sun is too strong. 6 am and the sky is bright. Today is for chatuchuk market. Both my sis and I bought all our friend’s presents here. No joke man. I bought almost 30 presents for friends. And I forgot to get any presents for the guys. Erm, paiseh Mr fag, Didn’t get you anything. Chatuchuk is a good place to get accessories, bags and shoes. We managed to get really nice bags for 120 (small) and 150 (big) which is cheap cause we bought 9. Slippers are cheap too. Initially we bought for 100 baht. But as we go along, we managed to get for 49 baht. Some dressy shoes are going for 150 baht. Most of the nice blouses are around 150 baht. Some at 120 baht. Go to chutuchuk if you can bear the heat. We were there for about 4 hours before we made a move. It was getting heavy.

We headed back to the hotel. It is a good idea to head back to the hotel everytime you are going to a new place. Sure, you will incur more taxifare but it is worth it. The last time, I was carrying all the shopping bags for the whole day and my mood was really bad due to the heavy belongings. Going back to the hotel allows you to evaluate the items you bought. My mother bought about 7 pairs of slippers and shoes from chatuchuk and she had no idea. Hence, go back to the hotel and take note of what you wear.

Then chinatown in the afternoon. We ate a 1000 baht meal. Expensive considering there are only 3 of us. Ha. But there was sharkfins, fried noodles, a huge plate of fried prawns with fruits, 6-7 types of dim sum. We downed it all. Our huge appetites have been raising eyebrows.

Afterwards, we will in search of cheap bargains. We squeezed our way through. When we managed to move, we walked at the speed for 5 cm per second. Delays were up to 1 minute with each step. For a 100-150 metre stretch of shops, we walked for almost 2 hours. My sister and I was so tramatised by all the pushing, shoving and squeezing, we nicknamed chinatown as squeezetown. But of course all the squeezing added to the colourfulness of chinatown. We thought the huge amount of people was because of the fault that it was on a sunday.

In the late afternoon, we went to plantinum pratunum and shopped for about 3 hours. The shops closed quite early. Most of them were closed at around 630-7 pm. This is the place to go for cheap clothes. You can shop in comfort. We did not cover the whole building even though we went back there the next morning. Some tops on sale sell for 100 baht. There are even some 50 baht one. Dresses are also quite cheap if you can find. I bought a kimono dress for only 160 baht. That’s a lucky buy. Most wholesale are for 3 items and above. So go with at least 2 other people.

Night time was massage. There was one next to our hotel. My mother was very scared of pain. Sometimes I wonder how the hell she give birth to us. Natural birth somemore.

Day 2 monday
Went back to pratunum in the morning before heading to mbk in the afternoon. We only wanted to get bras and food from there. Triumph and wacoal bras are cheaper there. Underwear too. Cost between 250-450 baht. For food stuff, since they are quite fragile, one good idea would be to buy in bulk and to get the person to pack in a box for you. Hence you can check in the box. We have to buy 1000 bucks before we can packed it in a box. No prob cause my mother has to get so much food for her colleagues.

We wanted to eat at cabbage and condoms but the address I got was not the bangkok branch but some obsure place. We settled for road side food again. We found out that there was another lane near our hotel, thanks to a taxi driver who drove us through there. For 3 people, we ordered 10 pork grilled satays, 3 drumsticks, 1 packet of wanton mee, 1 packet of pad thai, 1 packet of pork cutlet, 7 mini donuts, 1 stick of sausages, 1 stick of fish cake. The grilled satay seller was shocked. He thought that we only wanted 2 sticks since only my sis and mother ordered. The road side food usually cost 20-30 baht for one bowl and they give alot of ingredients. There was about 8 wantons in the wanton noodles. Despite all the road side food we ate, there was no tummyache, only tummy-expand.

Day 3 tuesday
We went to chinatown again thinking that there would be lesser people. We were so wrong. It was Squeezetown all over again in the lane we went to. We managed to find the jeans we wanted to buy again. HA, the seller rememebered me probably cause no one buys jeans that big size. There were alot of whole salers there so chinatown is a good place to go for cheap buys. Too bad, we were too broke. We only managed to get some belts and jeans.

Our plan got delayed for 1 hour. Realised that kiasu-ness is not confined to singaporeans but worldwide. Ha.

Ok, lappie going hospital tomorrow.