DotA Allstars v6.38b AI v1.93 Download by Cloud_str

Changelog: 1.92 to 1.93
– Few enchancements, e.g. new item-set for some Str-based heroes.
– Fixed -sh bug (caused AI to have 2 heroes if the server picked hero later from the 45th second).
– Changed -aiunstuck AI-order-reset timer to 45 seconds (was 60).
– Changed AI exp. bonus percentage from 135/180/200 to 100/135/170 (easy/normal/insane).
– Fixed crash bug on command (-crw -catt) mistyping.
– Fixed AI stucking bug after gangbanging or changing lane.
– Fixed error when using AI-only gamemodes (e.g. “-sa” only or “-sapm”). Before, it will show “Invalid Game Mode!” message.
– Fixed the “Vorpal Blade” (Lane Indicator) bug on ranged creeps.

– -ms and -cs is modified once again, but with different way of usage. Type “-cs/-ms ” to see his movespeed/creep kills (works on AI only).

– Added AI commands dialog box.
Operation: type “-cd”
Note that before the game commences (at 2nd minute in normal game), there are only 2 commands available (Assign Lane and Report). Afterward, there are more commands available.

– Swapping hero with AI is now possible at certain percentage:
a. Choosing -random hero: AI Swaphero is disabled. Please use -repick instead.
b. SH enabled: For what is swapping hero?
c. AR/TR/RV/MM enabled: 100% swaphero.
d. Normal conditions: 50% swaphero.

– AI now have percentage of using -random (in SA only). What’s the difference, you ask? Nothing, it’s just that they has extra gold. Besides, this makes them looks more human-like .

– Added -mp or -manualpick.
Operation: type as gamemode. Afterward, each team leader may pick a hero as usual, but each hero chosen will be assigned for AI. After all AI have heroes, the next hero you choose will be yours.
1. Obviously, you cannot use this mode together with AR and TR. Additionally, you cannot use this mode together with SH and LM.
2. Manual Pick has timelimit. AI which don’t have hero at the timelimit will have their hero chosen as usual.
In MM, the timelimit is shortened.
3. As described above, team leaders cannot choose their own hero until all AI have hero.
4. Nothing will happen if there are no AI in map. However, the “Manual Pick” will still appear in -gameinfo.
If this mode is successfully executed, all players will be displayed message of who has the control over Manual Pick.
5. If a team doesn’t have human teamleader (e.g. in single player game), the teamleader of the other team will gain control over its Manual Pick.
6. -random is applicable, but -repick is disabled while Manual Picking.
7. To stop the MP (if you want to immediately choose your own hero), type “-mp” once more.

Known problems:
– AI’s Aegis in DM. But, currently I don’t have any mood to fix this .
– Vendetta and Fiend’s Grip didn’t work properly.
– Pudge’s Rot sometimes causes bug (he’ll kill himself). But just sometimes.
– When playing as Scourge, sometimes the allied AI don’t defend base properly. Try experimenting with -cai and -cdef, it’ll work.

Download the map