Yahoo! Mail: You’ve won $9500

My mom received a sms supposedly from Yahoo! Mail.

2 Nov 2006 9.46am

Your Mobile Telephone Number: 65XXXXXXXX won $9500 in the Yahoo! 2006 Mail Grant. All winners contact [email protected] for FREE claims and prize delivery details. Go to to view last year’s Yahoo! 10th Birthday Netrospective homepage (1995-2005).

OMGWTFBBQ! $9500! We’re rich!

My mom was like totally excited even though I have told her about online scams.

“But from yahoo le, should be real one right? Still got their website hor.”

So I went and check if her number was in her Yahoo! account, nope it wasn’t. But I sent an email to the address anyway, see if I get any realistic reply.

Addendum: AH HA! Mainly a Singapore scammer thing.