The interview

Went extremely badly. I didn’t want to talk about it at all yesterday. But all my friends who saw me in formal wear started asking. However talking about it makes me able to take it as another failure instead of running away.

The interview was so bad, I cried during the interview.

They looked so much at grades and my dismal grades couldn’t get passed them. The interviewer was my senior in school and she told me how to get myself back into shape

FOr the past 2 years, I have been blaming my father for making me take such a course which I disliked and hence do extremely badly in. But yesterday the interviewer made me realise that, dis like is not an excuse to do badly at all.

And she told me to prove by doing my advanced courses super well. So that it shows that I have improved in my understanding. And she advised me against graduating so soon to take this time to improve on my technical knowledge.

Too many a days, I have kid myself that whatever I studied is not really going to be used and hence studied them with the notion to do well for the quiz tomorrow and forget about them the day after the quiz.

Yes, I do feel lesser than my peers due to my bad grades.

the exams are coming and I need to pick myself up.