State of the Singapore blogosphere whatever

Blah. This hiatus turned out longer than I expected. So ya, I sold the domain name ( to the guy behind Singhost and lost all the readers.

I started Blogging Singapore hoping it’ll be some sort of community blog where everyone write about Singapore with absolute freedom. As long as you’ve written it, we’ll publish it. Obviously, it never really took off.

Immediately, I can identify 2 of the main problems.

  1. Whatever Singapore-centric site that launches from now on will definitely play second fiddle to grand daddy
  2. Everyone’s selfish.

“So you’ve launched yet another new community blog?”

“Ya, I’m hoping everyone can contribute…”

“But why would I want to write on your blog? I would rather write on MINE.”


“And there’s already Tomorrow! I submit my stuff and if it gets published, my blog gets tons of traffic. Do your stupid new ‘community’ blog even got any traffic?”

“This stifles OUR creativity, we need alternatives!”

“Who the hell needs alternatives with no traffic? Just fuck off bitch!”

With all that said, I present you guys…

This is not the end of Blogging Singapore, this is just the beginning. 😀

Obviously inspired by Reddit, where everyone is invited to submit their favourite Singapore news, stories and have everyone else vote on them.