series of super unlucky events

Yesterday it was raining and some rain got into my court shoes. Therefore I decided to take a cab. And then since it was raining, the queue is knn damn long and I have to call for cab. I was going to be late already for the “interview”. Anyway my cab came and I was happy. Until I reach orchard and jammed for half an hour at a 500 metres stretch.The TP came and I was still stuck in my taxi. Damn it. Turned out to be later than taking public transport. WHo ever thought that lowering car costs and implementing ERP instead needs to drive along Orchard Road alone.

I wasted 20 bucks and was later than ever.


I go back home and pressed for the lift. And then KNNCCB both lifts are spoilt. I have to trudge up the stairs one by one after a super depressing day. For the first time in my life, I have to walk up the stairs because the lift spoil.


Today I have to teach alot of tuition which is fine with me. While getting down the bus, I slipped and fell infront of the entire bus stop. Damn unglam. Damn paiseh. And I started cussing the moment I fell down.

Can’t remember whether I said fuck. But I definitely said shit.

And then it took me a split second to realise that I have to stand up, after seeing a very concerned man. I am going to date his type one day.

And then it felt painful. I was wearing jeans though. When I got up onto my bus, I pulled up my jeans after spying some blood. Nabeh. Now got ugly scars.