selfish holiday

Bangkok is the only happy thought occupying my mind now. It makes me happy when I surf website regarding the places to eat and how to bargain. Ha! 2 more weeks and hallo bangkok.

My sister and I have to buy alot of presents for people. Although some of my friends have entrusted me to get them stuff, I am sorry but I won’t buy for them. It is crazy to buy individual gifts for 30 people which was what I tried to do the last time in Bangkok. And it sucks. Cause I was so stressed trying to recall who I did not buy for and what to buy for them.

So except for my father and sister and auntie, the other people are getting standard presents. Oh and baby clothes for my colleague who got me a xmas present already. My sister and I shall count the number of gifts we need to get and then bargain real cheap and hence better presents. I am suspecting there are 50. And we shall count the number of food packets we need to get for our relative before we leave singapore. Shopping shall be a breeze and definitely more fun. Miss Eloquent wants indian bangles. That one i will get if i see them. But requests like shoes and teeshirts are a tad too much.

This is the first time my sis is travelling and my mum in a long time. Hence all of us are super excited. I am drawing up a shopping list to limit my shopping. The last time, I just went crazy and bought too much stuff. Most of them are not used. But I am sure there is an occasion to use it.

Shopping List
1) max 2 bags
2) 3 pairs of shoes
3) 2 fake birkis
4) 4-5 bras teeheehee
5) 3-4 belts
6) lots of clothes

No No items
1) makeup-> i have too much unused makeup
2) no more books-> not much cheaper than spore
3) accessories-> too many, too unused

Ok, now i am happy. Back to my work. FUck.