I went to another class to spy on their projects since we are doing the same topic. Uber kns. Cause we want to do as well or better than the other group. And I typed every single thing that was on their slide to show my group members. Little did I know, my other project mate asked someone else to record the whole presentation. Hiak Hiak

And I slipped and fall again. Bad luck. Luckily no one saw. Good luck.

And I went to rush this assignment whch was not due yet thinking it is due this week when it is next week. Stupid me. And for that stupid assignment, I sent an email to my prof asking him qns abt the topic at hand. And he told me that we can’t communicate via email and must meet for consultation. And because of my smart alex-ness, I went to meet him just now.

ANd I am going to manilla next july/aug and staying over at my friend’s place. So fun!!!!