One lesser place to go in Singapore

I don’t know whether Singapore literally has a place for me to stay anymore. Only yesteryear, I realised that the casino, I mean IR is out of bounds for me since I am poor and poor people shouldn’t gamble. I would love to go to a loan shark to borrow some money so that I can step into IR to take a look at the omnipotent, but the thought of pig’s head hanging and some red painting doesn’t appeal. The last chance I will get to immerse in the rich and beautiful life would be to be an employee there. Time to take out those dice to shake them aka zoe tay. I swear I used to be able to do that at the age of 12.

And today while squeezing in the not-so-packed-as-compared-to-other-countries-so-stop-complaining-train, I realised kusu island is going to be out of bounds for me also. The word play ground for the rich doesn’t apply to me one bit. Unless I beat the odds and strike lottery. Apparently the Casino, half a red dot’s distance away from kusu island, is not good enough. Man-made resorts are the way to go. Down with nature. Demolish everything green unless it is man-made. Btw trees planted by humans fall under the man-made category.

Now that I can’t go to kusu island, or IR, does Singapore truly have a place for me?