nice hair

I cut my long lovely hair. It was the longest I ever had. I would have grown it to my waist if not for the spat of bad luck.

I think I chopped off 25 cm of hair.

But now I looked younger and chioer.( in my humble opinion)

My father surprisingly did not flinched when I told him i wanted to chop off my hair ( chop is more apt than cut due to the length I am cutting)

A long time ago in sec school, I went to the hairdresser as a girl and came home as a guy. My father was so angry with my mother cause she brought me to the hairdresser and allowed me to cut it so short.

Now, I went to the hairdressor as a girl and came home as a girl also. Outgrown my tomboyish days.

then let the good luck follow. I can’t afford to cut my hair anymore, if not will be a boy already.