Name callings

I think my family shouldn’t watch PSC.

During the phone call session to give out prices, my mum and sister and me started rolling our eyes and scolding the lucky winner stupid.

Hosts: ” hey, we are from PSC. COngrats on winning.”-(in chinese)

Caller: Who are you?(in chinese)

Hosts: we are from PSC. Can you give us your IC?(in chinese)

Caller: Who are you? (in chinese)

Hosts: We are from PSC ( in english)

Caller: why you speak english? I understand chinese.

Mrs Lim and sis: roll eyes

After finally getting that guy to spill out his IC number after numerous tries, they tried to explain the game to him and told him to choose a number 1-8.

Caller: what number to choose?

Hosts: 1-8.

Caller: 6

Hosts: why don’t you choose 1?

Caller: I want 6 cannot meh?

Mrs Lim’s mother and sis: wah piang, so stupid. So obvious the big price is in number 1. Still choose 6.

After which he won some stuff and the hosts revealed the top prize

Hosts: the best prize is in Number 1.

Mrs Lim’s mother and sis: wah lau. So obvious they want to help him. So stupid man. He could have won the top prize.

Mrs Lim: roll eyes


It’s that time of the month again. I have to take a nap due to the discomfort. But on the good size, i think i increase my IQ level by 1. Now it’s no longer room temperature.