my fair lady

sometimes life can be such a blessing in disguise, after yesterday’s fucked up quiz (again), my friend told me good news that she managed to book My fair Lady musical for us. So instead of phantom of the opera (sobsob), we are going to watch My fair Lady.

Remembered the times where we have to do lit in sch and my teacher always make us playact in class. Being one of the most dramatic girls in class, I got called to be the role of the maid who have to say the line which goes something like this ” She’s such an ordinary girl.” I got to act all haughty and smirked at the word ordinary. Those are the good old days.

So yay, we pay half the price and get way much better seats.

And I am going to have buffet at ikoi next thurs. Somehow all my friends decide buffets should be our dinner. I am so going to put on all the weight I lost with 1 buffet every week. Ikoi I heard is good and hard to get a place. But somehow my rich friend will get our reservation and he is treating us cause it is his birthday. His birthday present now have to be hefty. And what a good day to wear my new dress.

Next week: Ikoi
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