Most unproductive morning ever

So I passed my Motorcycle Practical 5 couple of days back and to proceed to Practical 6, I had to apply for a Provisional Driving License (PDL). I already got a PDL while learning driving, so I was told all I had to do was to go get it endorsed at the traffic police office, in person.

Since I’m such a busy and influential person, the only time I can spare from my hectic schedule is Saturday. So I went for breakfast and arrived at the driving school at around 9am. I took a queue number and was about to take a seat when the auntie at the counter hollered at me, while pointing at a sign.


“I’m not sure how long before it’ll be fixed, maybe a while, maybe will take more time.”

So I decided to wait, since it’ll probably be fixed in a while since the counter auntie said so. I sat on the bench, plugged in my iPod (obviously listening to my all time favourite singer, Britney Spears!) and whipped out my mobile (obviously playing my all time favourite game, Spongebob Squarepants Adventures!).

The wait wasn’t so bad initially, but after like 3 hours of waiting, even with my favourite Britney Spears and Spongebob Squarepants, really buay tahan.

Sitting beside a guy with an epilepsy problem or something doesn’t make the whole thing any better. Almost throughout the entire time he was sitting there, he was shaking his foot like he was at some amusement park or something, and the whole bench gyrated along with him all the while.

Bloody hell.