Miss Bitchy Leech

Oh Miss Bitchy Leech is a nickname we gave to our civics tutor in JC. I still hate her now even though it has been years.

Miss Bitchy Leech taught me biology and I guess it is just our luck to have her as our bio tutor.

I suddenly taught of her while doing mindmaps. Cause she apparently made alot of our classmates angry with her over a mindmap incident.

Our class assignment was to do a mindmap to link the ideas together for a certain topic ( I forgot which one but should be the one on menses). Some of our classmates forgot to do her work which made her flare up. Ok, that’s their fault. I was one of those who remembered and rushed to do her assignment during other periods (too heavily involved in cca then).

Miss Bitchy Leech was scolding the class for not doing our work. One of my friends did her mindmap in the form of a notes form. Her work was of course rejected as it did not fulfil Bitchy Leech’s requirements of a mindmap. Which begs the question. What is the purpose of doing the mindmap? Bitchy Leech said that it was for us to rememeber the topic better. Point taken. My friend who did the list argued that she studied better in notes form which is why she did the assignment that way. Bitchy Leech scolded my friend for not following her instructions. Which sort of defeated the whole purpose of doing the assignment. So my friend has to redo her assignment to suit the teacher but has no learning value to her. Oh and MIss bitchy leech was so angry, she stomped out of our class.

Oh Bitchy Leech shows obvious favour towards this particular bootlicker. Both of them buys bookmarks for each other to exchange in front of the whole class. Wow. So nice to show their love for each other infront of us.


But what protection do we students have from such incompetent and petty teachers?