lazy project mates

I fucking hate it when project mates happily tell me, “hey, I can’t find the newest report which you added in your part on. Can you send it to me?”

Fine. You are so lazy to find that email in the recycle bin, I will go to my sent items and forward you again.

That was at 745 pm.

And at 825 pm, I received an email together with the rest of the project mates ” heya, I edited. And Mrs Lim, can you add in your part which you have beefed up on?”

WTF. DIdn’t I just sent the newest version of my part before you send your cute little email?

And now the report was re-edited again and I have to trudge through all the edited portions.

For your lazy-ness of finding the email which takes up 1 minute of your-so-impt life, I have to waste 1 hr re-editing my part. FUck man. Might as well don’t improve on my parts at all.

Yes, I am mighty pissed!

Excel is not really my best friend and I spent alot of time on it for the past few days. And now I got to redo my tables as well cause there are different presentation styles. Time is not really on my side and I have to do so much shite work. Really, I think my table presentation is clearer.