kelly ripa who?

I know I know it’s the exam time and I am supposed to study. But clay aiken and south parks are huge distractors.

Now for clay aiken news which happened over in america maybe 1 week ago. Damn, I am slow

Apparently clay went and cohost with kelly ripo (who?) and at one point of time, put his hand over her mouth.

And little miss hygenic went ballsy over it and complained on national tv over “how rude it is to put your hands over someone’s mouth even if it is for a joke. ”

Oh, and little miss kelly ripa (who once again?) had videos covering her cohost mouth twice. Oh wow. I bet she knows she is rude.

And now there are alot of hate for her ( good for you bitch) and a new hate blog.

Don’t you dare bully clay!

Link to hate blog

her complaining (who?)

Kelly Ripa being exposed