HAPPY makes me wanna jump around

I wanted to share this piece of good news yesterday but after the buffet i have eaten, presentation I gave, fatigue sets in and I went to sleep.

Heh, after telling super smelly, my family and mr fag, I shall present this good news

OMGOMG! My prof asked me whether I want to intern in her firm.

I am so fucking honoured!!!

After our (good) presentation yesterday, my prof asked us whether we are final year or graduating. During the break, I told my project mates that she wants us to work for her. But nobody believes me. PUI. I am damn inituitive and boy, I am right again!!!

After one of the presentations, she leaned over to me and asked me what degree I am pursuing and whether I am interested in interning for her. All I could answer is a feeble, “but i am not very good at numbers”. Then the presentation group was ready and the conversation stopped.

My kaypo project mates who were sitting nearby also heard. Heh.

And then self doubt sets in and I started to wonder whether I should take it up. What’s if I am not what she expected? I am not really that good. If she based me on my quiz which I did well ( by luck), then she is going to be so disappointed. I really wanted to take up the opportunity but I know my own calibre. Sigh. Then i talked to my project mate and he said, she won’t base it on a quiz. But maybe she was impressed by me during the presentation. But but, I am just good at talking.

Firstly I am shocked that she knows me by my name. Even her employee who sits in during lesson also knows and addresses me by my name. Weird leh. Cause I am super damn low profile in class. No one would have noticed me. I don’t even talk. And then during dinner, her employee sat at my table and I was trying to dig out more info from her. And then she said “Boss is very selective about the people she chose”

more honoured and stressed.

I called Mr fag and told him of the good news today. When I started to tell him my worries, he read me like a book and said ” you are doubting yourself right?” Haiz. And then I started to tear abit in starbucks.

He managed to get the idea into my head that it is just an internship, not even a job and I am already freaking out.

If people can see my calibre, maybe I am not that bad. Afterall, I am good at presentations and research.

This monday, I am going to talk to her. See whether she still wants me. Heh.

Another piece of news: that same prof was sitted at the back with me. And then I turned and smiled at her. ANd she saw what I wore and said ” you look pretty today”

cheap thrills for me.