super hate for my prof ( not the one i mentioned below)

everyweek I will be studying for a quiz which I am not sure whether he will give.

pop quiz is the new lingo for surprise

at this rate he is going, I am going to pop at him.

I don’t mind studying if I got time, but time is something I lack seriously. Argh! Somemore the notes are so technical and diffcult to digest. He must have cut and copy from some website. And so many slides somemore-100++ GULPS!

And there are so many distractions. Hew

1) like playing this game dolphin olympics
2) thinking of where to shop in bangkok
3) thinking of how to deal with one irate spree organiser
4) daydreaming abt my internship

Stay focus

On the other hand, i churned out 11 pages of report yesterday -singled spaced and it was only for my part. I got alot of consolidation to do for the whole report. Sigh