GST adjustments of 2% only

Ah? Like OMGWTFBBQ? What’s with all the big fuss about the GST hike? Some no-life, nothing better to do guy even set up a website just because of this;

I think the guy behind the web site must be the most retarded person ever. I mean one look and you know he’s retarded, they even have a retarded site description “Say NO to GST Hike”. Like a retard shouting random stuff, “Say NO to GST Hike”.

Spending money on his website just because of the GST 2% hike, that’s like spending money to save your money? Don’t you agree that’s like the dumbest thing to do?

Of course, please don’t misunderstand me. I’m referring to the dumb guy behind

Like our esteemed Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said,

It will give us precious extra resources to implement social programmes like Workfare later on. Our aim is to help the lower income groups and the elderly, not to increase their burdens. When we implement the GST increase, it’s not just the GST increase, it’s the package which will fully offset the impact of the GST increase and begin to strengthen the social safety nets and tilt the balance in favour of the low income groups – we will not just raise the GST but we will have a comprehensive offset package,

Don’t you foolish peasants get it? Our esteemed Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong obviously wants to help the lower income groups, I mean why else would he make the adjustments of just 2%? He could jolly well tax 15% on income tax or tax 25% from GST but noooo, the GST adjustments is only 2%, PEANUTS I TELL YOU ALL IMBECILES! 2% IS PEANUTS!

So please, get out of my rich, good-looking, intelligent face.

Addendum: I totally agree with Mollymeek, our Gahmen is brilliant!