oh fuck, I got a super duper difficult Individual ASSIGNMENT to do( the 24 woman hours one, I think might be above that).

And I got to edit a 28 page single spaced report.

Add in research for a project the prof gave super late. Fuck.

And I have decided to set ambitious deadlines for myself. Something to the tune that I will finish all these crap by friday. Exams are coming and I need to study.

Oh yah some random stuff. I realise that uncles and aunties love to talk to me. And I am talking about strangers who will just strike up conversations with me out of the blue. FOr instance, I was being hardworking and was rushing the 24 woman hours assignment on the train, the uncle beside me got interested in my laptop model and we chatted for a while.

I think 1 or 2 months back while waiting for the bus, there was this SUPER LOUD auntie who striked up a conversation with me. ( that one was quite bad. SHe kept on patting me to make a point)

Now. If only those are hot cute guys instead of uncles and aunties. HEH.