fast brownies

I can really bake my brownies quite fast. Despite the slight hiccup of not finding my kitchen scale ( which I finally found. Grrr. My mother loves to hide my things without telling me), I managed to bake/wash in half an hour flat. Somemore I use my fat arms to mix the brownies mixture instead of cake mixer.

My brownies will be just in time for school. Sigh, why do we have school during the exam period?

And I finally read 1/3 of a chapter yesterday. Finally.

My friend’s birthday later and we are heading to eat at nanjya monjya at Grand Copthorne Hotel.

Shall. Study. Hard

and my laptop is going to die. It started with an error saying that the fan is spoilt. And I decided to shake it abit to wake the sleeping monster. Looks like its time to get a new laptop before the warranty ends.