early birds

seen somewhere in school at an ungodly hour of 745am on a sat was me. I was in sch on sun too. ( but that’s another story)

True be told, I got abit sick of my project mates. They are great people to work with. But you know you will get sian when I see them 10 pm on friday night and 745 am on Saturday morning. In the end, we ordered Mac breakfast to compensate for the sad state we are in.

In the end we worked thru from 745am to 430 pm and I skipped my class ( bad girl I know).

After which I went bugis to get chris and an’s birthday present at diva. Me and sl went crazy. We bought 88 bucks worth of accessories for them as well as us. Tsk tsk! Dinner was at hongkong cafe and it was shopping at bugis street

Bugis is like the chachutak of Thailand. Anyway, I think work is making me too tired. I was so quiet and sorta make people worried. Normally, I am so chatty. I want to be chatty all over again. It was so nice meeting all the girlies again and all we do is eat, shop, gossip and cam-whore.

Update: I watched the departed (very long ago)-> no time to blog already. Leo is hot.
I watched the prestige today-> also no time to blog much. Christian Bale is hot.
Going to bangkok at year end. Hotel and airline booked. Thailand is literally hot.

And lastly I am hot. Not.