oh crap, my excel pricing model got huge error. And assignment is due in 12 hours. My report not written. And I need to tweak my model. FUck

I don’t think i will sleep until 3 pm ( which is my deadline )


Update 1: it is 630 am and I am wide awake tweaking my lovely excel model. So fun. Not. Hopefully i can zzzz by 12 noon. Interesting that I see that all my family members sleep and wake up.

Update 2: i finally finished at 230pm. And it is not a good piece of work. 🙁 Sian. But I have been working on it for 2 weeks already.

Update 2: Its already 12 pm. And I have got into a report block. A situation whereby you don’t know what to write for the report. I am damn sian of trying to fluff out some stuff from the model I have done. I aim to sleep at 1 pm. Its crazy that I spent almost 40 hours on this 10% report and for the 30% quiz, I don’t remmeber spending so much time. Maybe 1/3 or half of it. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.