birthday celebrations = no work done

I totally wasted my saturday yesterday but before I get to that. Let me start on friday nite first.

Friday night was fun. We went to eat Nanjya Monjya and you know that it’s a good jap restaurant when they are opened by japs and there are so many japs eating there. Maybe half of the restaurants are singaporean customers only. My friend have a 50% off coupon for 2 of the items there. Being gian peng and poor students (except for the birthday boy), we have to eat those 2 items. Not that I am complaining of course.

We had Okonomiyaki & Monjyayaki, one of which is the dry pancake and the other one a wet pancake in crude terms. Both had alot of cabbage. But it is much better than the sort at pasar malam. Someone will cook in front of us, and we can watch our food being cooked. Except for the slight disturbance whereby our food was cooked using vegetable oil, which lead to the birthday boy being upset, we were finally ensured that the rest of the food was cooked using butter. I was quite embarassed by his fussiness.

Heh. I thought I was anal enough. We ordered 5 of the pancakes to be shared between 4 people. The bill only came up to 50 bucks due to the half price. Cheap! But only me and the gf was full. The other 2 meals were only 50% full.

And this is the first time to step into a throughly jap restaurant. To call for service, we have to activate a button since every room is secluded. wow.

And we look set for another outing after the Mr-think-he-is-so-charming is back from france. Although he has claimed his innocence that he did not cheat on his gf, Mr Jie Mei and I doubted so and we strongly believed he has mentally/physically cheated. Wait until he come back to Singapore and we shall ask him again when he is drunk.

Now onto sat. I was so blur. I thought I was supposed to meet my friends at 12 noon for lunch. Turned out that it was 1 pm instead. I decked myself into starbucks and read up my textbook. The starbucks were already soaking into the xmas mode and xmas songs were being pelted out softly. And I am studying. What an anticlimax. After the girlies appeared, we had lunch at thai express. Their food is really good. And before we wanted to make a move, I realised that my shoes had spoilt during my food rummage. 2 of them had to buy me some hot pink slippers. While they were gone, we prepared the brownie I baked and put some candles in them. The birthday girl didn’t even know that the brownie was handbaked. hahaha. After all the food, we adjourned for some dessert at Aerin’s. Their set menu looks affordable. But we only had the dessert which was mediocre but had excellent presentation nevertheless.

And we have decided to spent xmas together at scarlett hotel before going to drink at happy. Xmas tis the season to be broke. I better spent less money.