Assignments are so called cause they are an ASS to begin with.

I am quite productive. Did 2 Assignments. Started on 1 project in a bid to push my project mates ( i am sure all will turn out fine anyway ). Played the dolphin game alot.

Shall do my another ASSignment tomorrow and well, start on it. It looks tough and will take 24 woman hours at least to finish it up.

And I am allergic to the school’s sambal. At first I thought it was the cai fan store. I have a high probability of puking after eating their food. Doesn’t happen with the other stores. And then I ate vegeterian food today with sambal. And the bottom the food travelled down to my stomach, I can feel it straight away. Cause it was burning. And within 1 hr, I went to the toilet to merlion. I can’t stomach oily food anymore. So no more sambal and caifan or vegeterian food for me. 🙁 Sigh. I love their food. Shall stick to ban mian and the less oily counterparts. And no, I ate ya kun after puking cause I know there is no more dinner inside. And kept the food for digestion.

Nothing much in my life except studying. I don’t see myself enjoying a movie anytime soon. Except for birthday parties.

Can I wake up at 630 to make it to school to learn bloomberg?

I doubt it. 🙁

Timecheck: 3.06 am.