would you buy?

Everybody knows my brownies are great. There are the best things that ever comes out of my oven. They are so good until my friend who can’t go to a party badly wants to go cause I promised to make my brownies.

Hosting on a private domain costs me and Mr Lim 100 bucks a year.

To help pay the bills for the server, we have decided upon this idea to sell brownies. I need at least 100 bucks to pay my $2 brownies.

100 bucks go to the server

100 bucks go to Lions Home for the Elders (bedok)

Of course the more the people who buy the brownies the better, since it means the remaining amount goes to charity.

The reason why it is Lions Home for the Elders is because I used to do home visits there.

Mr Lim and I will sponsor the cost of making the brownies.

Will you buy?

PS: *looks at kingmeng, wah and virgo* Paiseh target you all, cause you are the only readers I know. And the rest who keeps quiet too.

PPS: there is no limit to the amount you can buy!

If you are still unconvinced, look at the amount of stuff I have baked