weight managmenet 101

I haven’t been whining about my weight so time to complain that I am eating too much. I need to prove I am a girl you know?

I don’t even dare to step on the weighing machine. Not even the $4.05 new weighing machine which was supposed to be more accurate but turned into a weighing maching for fat days. That bloody weighing machine shaves 2 kg off the old weighing machine. And my old weighing machine already shaves 2 kg off my weight. Screw digital weighing machines. All weighing machines should have gravity programed like the moon. Therefore we will all be 1/6 of our weight.

So now there are 2 weighing machines fighting for space in my room. I think the old weighing machine wins. You know you will always choose the truth-telling frank bf over the smooth lying bf.


And fuck bonds. So many different % and I always use the wrong ones to calculate. KNNCCB.