I have been going out once in a blue moon but I always forget to blog about it. oh well.

Last tues, there was an IMF volunteer appreciation night at VIVOcity where they closed the whole 3rd floor for all of us. It was open air and there was tentages with buffet food. There was chinese, indian food, mee siam and teh tarik. Pity that when I reached, all the chinese food were finished and only some miserable pork, fried stuff and chicken wings were left. But the food was good nevertheless.

So my friend and I wondered into the tentages inside to look at the sort of food they have. That’s when we encountered the Indian cusine. We tried all the food there and all of them are really good. Totally yum yum!

Somehow I couldn’t find any drinks and teh tarik has a super long queue. So my friend and I wondered into the FOod republic which was also closed for us. We have 3 coupons each and we could redeem any food we wanted. But we ate alot from the buffets earlier so we will looking for smaller stuff to eat. And no drinks are allowed to be redeemed. No cold deserts also.

In the end, my friend and I had toast bread from toast box, and siew mai from fortunate restaurant. Toast bread was good. The bread thick and succulent and peanut bread fragnant. Siew mai had alot of prawns inside and was delish as well.

I just ate all the food within 1.5 hrs and was on my way home to study for the quiz the next day.

No shopping done at Vivocity but the crowd was alot for a tuesday evening.