the muffins and brownies bakathon for charity

I finally finished baking last sun. And I learnt something about myself today. I should never bake as a business. Baking as a hobby and baking for monetary returns is totally different.

If I bake for myself, the only person I need to satisfy is myself. Even if the things I bake is not nice, there is no pressure.

As for baking as a business, I need to satisfy my own tastebuds and others. Hence making my own standards even higher. Cause if you are paying for it, I need to guarantee quality.

As I start up ambitiously to bake the whole load of muffins and brownies, I made the mistake of starting with muffins first. Cause the first batch that came out really sucked. And then I started to get upset and my temper started to fly. I remade the whole thing to make it better. Second batch was 0.001% better. I decided to go away with it cause it was already 2 hrs into baking. And throwing away the whole mixture is quite wasteful. The first batch was given to my mother’s colleagues ( poor things ). So I am sorry for those who bought my muffins cause I know they sucked. I got tastebuds as well. Then I started to read comments for the recipe I used and fucking hell, I never noticed that so many people critisized it. Nabeh. I will come up with a better muffin recipe myself next time.

My brownies luckily remained as good.

Overhead in the kitchen,
younger sibling: pipi ( my nickname), you are upset ah?
me: yah
father: (heard every single word of the conversation) you upset for what? You got stomach upset ah?
me : -_-

oh yah, I am on baking hiatus now cause I am very busy now. My projects are monstrous in size and I shall slay them 1 by 1. I gotta do my thing. After all the shitty school work is gone, I doubt I got time to bake also. Cause it will be my turn to be a corporate slave ( hello 14 hr days ).

Oh yah, I think I got one offer for internship already.