I just received news that I got A+ for a midterm. That course I am doing, I am really not confident in as there are easily 7 or more Dean Listers and poor me who can’t even graduate with a honours have to pit myself against them.

Yesterday received my papers back and my prof marks without giving you the marks. So you have lots of ticks and crosses but no marks allocated at all. Especially since her ticks doesn’t equate your marks, there is no way to know where you stand until she posted the grades. One of my questions was not marked when I checked and I informed her.

Guess to my surprise when my projectmate told me that I got A+. He said I come out stunner. I also think so. Ranked 3rd in class somemore. And there are only 3A+. Teehee! The moment I heard the news half an hour ago, I ran to the kitchen and started to jump in the air. My mum was so worried to see her daughter go crazy.

But I shouldn’t be so happy. Cause it is only 15% of my total grades.

But I realised why my project mate realised that I got A+ since allthe grades are in IC numbers. Cause I am the youngest in that class. Too little girls and too many guys. The last time I counted was 6 girls. Then my project mate can check how well I do cause he can just look for the smallest IC number while I don’t even know his IC number.

I hope things are looking up.