I was trying to be a hardworking student by even going to school on a lovely sunday to attempt to mug. Yes, I have evolved into a nerd. If nerds get good results, hell, I don’t mind being a nerd.

And I sent an email to the prof asking about the layout of the quiz since he did not inform us. It was supposed to be a pop quiz which means surprise quiz despite the name. He took 4 days to reply my email. -____- He told me he will talk about it in class. Going by his email, there was no pop quiz yesterday indeed. I wasted a glorious hazy foggy sunday in school stuffing myself with food and knowledge. Sian.

Then he asked the class. “Who sent the email about knowing the terminology?”

Eh, so paiseh. I have to admit I sent that email in front of the whole class. Now guaranteed-chopped a nerd liao.

And the content of the class is going so sssssloooooooooooowwwwwwwlllllly.

Reason: 30% of the class is class participation. Being a nerd, I have to ask a question also. And 1 question is enough, cause the Teaching Assistant only marks your name once regardless of the number of times you speak. Content that is supposed to be covered in 1 lesson is covered in 3 lessons. Lol. But at least I asked a good question. The prof looks abit stumped for words. Or maybe he thought “omg, stupid people exists in this class”, which was why he took a while to answer.

I met my uncle and auntie on the bus and called them. My uncle thought I was my auntie’s friend. -________-They took a while to recognise me. Eh, I used to teach their daughter tuition and go to their house weekly. But they said, they couldn’t recognise me cause I lost weight. Yay! hahaha

And how come the hundred over people who reads my blog doesn’t want to buy a brownie?