need to rant about my work

I regret taking such a huge chunk of project to complete. After calculating the financial ratios, spot the trends, sensitivity analysis, news of the 3 firms, my partner and I are dying. Its too much work. Argh. And we make up 2/7 of the group. Sigh. Doesn’t help that responsibilty is in my blood and I turn up for every bloody project meeting when I am taking 5.5 modules.

Oh. And the guy and girl who is doing 2 and 3 modules respectively somehow can’t make it for all the meetings.

“I need to study for my quiz tomorrow,” says one

“My friend got into an accident,” says another.

And somehow they can’t read the project outline we sent to them stating explicitly the work they are supposed to do together. In the end, the guy did some shit which was not required at all. And the girl basically rearranged what was originally done a couple of weeks ago from words to table form. Bravo!!!! Repackaging the content doesn’t add much value to the project. In the end, my friend have to send scathing emails disguised with smiley faces and nice words like “thanks!”. Crap, I can’t believe I sent out such diplomatic emails. Hypocritical emails I shall call them.

They are taking half the modules I am taking and doing far less work. FUCK LAH.

And now I am stuck with an assignment which totally sucks. I hate individual assignments. I think they hate me too.

I postphoned one tuition cause I think I can’t finish my work today. Got another tuition to go to. And I need to solve all the A maths questions before meeting my student. Talking about her, she told me she got A1 for her emaths and B3 for her A maths. Surprised me cause her grades are originally B3 and B4 respectively. Her school moderated her results alot. But it makes me look good as a tutor. Considering that she fails her maths or merely make the mark for many years. But she worked hard too. So 90% credit to her. In fact she works so hard that she has a backlog of questions for me to answer. And her tutor is now struggling with her own work.

Things to do today
1) finish up assignment. (They are called assignments for a reason. It’s an ASS to begin with.)
2) analyse the fucking ratios and trends. PUI
3) analyse the shipping industry.